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1. Now you can easily create a static web with a special and distinctive programming that professionally designs at a preferential price, with a professional control panel and "PHP". We can implement your choice to fit your company field at prices starting from US $ 350.

E-marketing services and attracting new customers to your institution

We have the honor to present the services offer of our organization that helped hundreds of companies in the Middle East and Gulf countries to promote marketing operations for the promotion of products and services and to attract more potential customers for you.

Marketing campaigns service via e-mail:

In which we aim to attract new customers to promote your activity and open new markets by sending campaigns via e-mail (classified / target) at the highest level

In which you determine (the state to be targeted / individuals, companies or both together / specific classifications / advertising sites / forums / Facebook / Google plus/twitter /LinkedIn).
We send the campaigns as if it has completely through by you and in direct way.
We also inform you with detailed reports of what has been in those campaigns immediately upon the completion of the transmission.

Servers transmitter service via e-mail: Send your marketing campaigns yourself

Wales is unique in the Middle East to provide this kind of advanced services
We deliver you a dedicated server account to send e-mail campaigns, to be able to send your mailing campaigns with an unlimited number - and control (on behalf of the sender / mail sender / e- mail that receive your customers replies).
The access server comes with an easy use control panel that shows all transmitter reports (the number of customers who read the sent downloaded campaign / clients click on certain links about the sent campaign / clients are not interested in receiving bulletin again) printable and recoverable.
We also provide you the user guide (Video commentary in Arabic) and also two booklets for use in both Arabic and English.

More of our outstanding services of E- marketing:

Service publicity of institutions activity and service providers

Service increasing Instagram likes - increasing twitter followers

Service proliferation and publicity via the World Wide Web

More and more systematic e-marketing services
We hope that you let us know the type of service required to query about, then sales team will send immediately the file that explain the price, service and the previous list of our customers within minutes.

Knowing that the technical support team via our website (chat - direct conversation) or via e-mail is working 24-hour to meet and answer all your inquiries.

Best regards and appreciation



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